Winit Tikoo



Winit Tikoo is a musician currently based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Born and brought up in Kashmir, a deep influence/reflection of the sufi tradition of the region and earthy, Urdu-influenced poetry can easily be found in his music. Combined with latter musical influences, which primarily comprise of Blues based Rock ‘n’ Roll, Grunge, Alternative and as he says “any good music played on musical instruments .” ¬†Winit Tikoo’s sound has developed into a unique amalgamation of these musical expressions with Hindi / Urdu as the poetic vehicle.

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pic 5 - winit - vocals

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Live Setup

Winit Tikoo – Vocals and guitars
Vivaan Kapoor – Drums
Vinay Kaushal – Guitars
Aditya Kadam – Bass
Shah Rukh Khan – Sarangi
Shriram Sampat – Flute
Shreya Naik – Manager