Who We Are


This March, we bring once again to you the Sounds of Freedom concert. In the rapidly changing world we live in today, freedom of expression and opportunities to express oneself are getting to be rare commodities that we need to firmly hold on to and utilize for those who cannot.

Today, the words freedom, expression and the phrase gender equality are almost overused to the point of having no real impact on us. How many times have we scrolled past articles and videos tackling these issues, immune to the urgent need for change? We want to step back, reevaluate and give new, fresh and energized meaning to these words and phrases…with your help.

This concert cultivates social awareness through music, art and poetry. We emphasize on breaking the stereotype and raising our voices to promote what we stand for. Music is a platform that binds people of all colors and cultures and here at SOF, we wish put forward our point of view on important issues such as freedom of creative expression, gender equality with the help of our partnership campaign with UN Women; #HEforSHE.

We bring a jubilant and effective revolution with the help of renowned names from the industry like Bollywood actor, film- maker, activist- Farhan Akhtar, singer, music composer and lead man from the Raghu Dixit project- Raghu Dixit, funk music band- Madboy/Mink and fusion/ rock singer Tritha. Along with that we also have our acapella band from Delhi- Vocal Rasta, theatre group- Natya Rasta and performances by Dindigul Female Drummers, Kutle Khan Project and local college Bands; all who believe in our cause.

Sounds of Freedom is the perfect platform for the young and old from all walks of life to celebrate and express their joy, sorrow and everything in between.

We seek your support and look forward to having you at the festival to stand for what you believe in!