Our Lineup and Their Message


This March, we bring to you an opportunity to experience music and share conversation with some of India’s most talented and socially-conscientious artists who are sharing the stage at Amity University, Noida.
Farhan LIVE, the Raghu Dixit Project, Tritha, Madboy/Mink, Kutle Khan Project and Dindigul Drummers; an incredibly diverse line up from across the nation all in one place and with one goal.
Out of this line-up, Farhan Akhtar is most known in the media for being an advocate for gender equality and freedom. But each of the other artists in this line up is equally passionate about our main theme and message: the right to Freedom of Expression. Today, it is more urgent than ever, to establish and secure this right.
Our concert aims to give a voice, and the confidence to use that voice, to the youth of Delhi and the rest of India. Without being able to speak up and stand up, we will continue to be at a standstill as a society.
To infuse this message and aim with renewed energy and life, we are using tools such as music and Expression Zones. And what better inspiration than our performing artists?

Join us in encouraging each other to be bolder, be bigger and Be The Voice.