Described, as the terror twins of Funk and Swing Madboy/Mink is the collaboration between Imaad Shah and Saba Azad. Based out of Mumbai, India, they have in a short time gained notoriety for their electric live sets, both at big festival stages as well as underground parties across the country. Mashing up dirty disco, funk and old-school swing there is a heavy emphasis on live performance. The electronic energy on record is reproduced live on stage using a combination of live synths, guitars, soulfully destroyed samples and a Harlem speakeasy vocal style creating a post-mod electro cabaret experience.

Performing at SOF is in keeping with their keenness to perform in front of an audience rather that make it available on the Internet. Their songs which are observations about life especially about giving respect to women are written and presented in such a way that allows listeners to interpret it for themselves.