Freedom of Creative Expression…through Music

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There have been a recent spate of incidents all over the world concerning censorship and the curbing of the freedom of creative expression, a fundamental right. What does freedom of creative expression mean? What do freedom, creativity and expression mean individually and clubbed together?

Most importantly, what does the phrase freedom of creative expression mean to you?

It is a problem more relevant now than ever; the limiting of freedom of creative expression, whether it is in the field of writing, drawing, theatre or music.

For us, the most connective and effective tool to make a difference would be music. Sounds of Freedom is using music to try and eliminate this restriction on freedom of expression, to open up the conversation between groups and societies and allow flexibility in thinking; actually making a difference. We want to offer hope that each person’s voice can and will be heard in a society where often our questions and statements are unanswered or ignored.

Throughout history, music and songwriting and their various forms have been used as mediums of communication and clarification. From songs about or by civil rights leaders, to victims of repression to the recent and much-needed demand for equal gender rights, all these issues can find common ground in music.

Join us in uniting people different origins, faiths and mindsets through music and embrace your right to the freedom of creative expression.