A First-hand Experience by Avick Jyoti

Blog 1

Tuesday , September 9, 2014 , I remember the day distinctly, it was 5 in the evening, but for bunch of guys the day was yet to begin. On entering the square shaped room ,  each pair of eyes gazing through the other personality as if a look-test is on. Well each one happen to be a stranger to other  , but everyone proud of the fact of making it through the Round 1 & 2 of the auditions is indeed an achievement , but it does not end there , every individual was on its mark, ready , to go through a nerve-wracking experience , so be ready for both mental and physical exhaustion. And why not so, we are teenagers standing up for a cause , a part of youth foundation “THE YUVA EKTA YOUTH UNITE”. It was our duty to uphold the true colors and respect of the red banner which had white printed lines : “ SOUNDS OF FREEDOM- NAATYA RASTA”.

However , after several Tuesday’s and Saturday’s of hardcore discussions, enactments, umpteen disagreements, after emptying several litres of coke, gobbling up buiscuits & chips we now not anymore strangers but a team,  reached a common conclusion. “Gender justice” was our topic , so we had to cut through a range of majorities and minorities, sometimes breakdown the lines of comparison, most of the things were done earlier or ideas were not concrete. But for a team of 15 it wasn’t impossible.

Finally, the day arrived as we tucked in all our emotions, our hardwork, teamwork, and most important our dialouges and walked past the big iron gates ready to connect to soul of AAM JANTA.  The Naatya Rasta, get set go, and there we were . for those 22 min we did not feel as if we were I , ME or SOMEONE. We felt as WE , US and EVRYONE and so did the crowd that was all around our act. They curiously watched this picturisation of which they were a part of, a picture where the hero and villain were none other than COMMON MAN. Then came the end , the closing words “ the change we seek to make is not around me, the change is within me. Lets create a gender equal world.” The music ended and there was a 2 seconds silence……. (  where I remember I  felt “did we do something not right , why aren’t they responding.” ) followed by a huge applaud , appreciation and cheer and yes there was a change.

We felt relived and decided  now to walk more miles and create the  same effect all over , wherever we can.

So ladies and gentlemen with the commitment, teamwork, and with the resolve of which we took it upon ourselves to showcase each and every aspect of humanity we presented you the story of 15 strangers to who went on becoming a team of energy under the  prestigious name of: SOUNDS OF FREEDOM NAATYA RASTA.